We are proud and excited to share with you the Kid at Heart Scholarship Foundation, a nonprofit organization that will provide scholarships for students in the Arts. Our desire is to assist students committed to growing in their desired art form. This Foundation is in memory of our oldest son, Kenton Ahmed Hill, who passed away due to illness. Kenton was a multi-talented artist who attended Columbus College of the Arts and Design in Columbus, Ohio – he drew and painted, he did creative writing, created arts, crafts and jewelry, and he was a Chef. Additionally, he served as a positive role model for young people. We want to honor him by providing scholarships to students pursuing education in the Arts as he did.

“Feed and teach the youth like Kings and Queens, and they will gain the strength and knowledge to carry the Titles.” Kenton A. Hill

We all know the struggles of young artists – finances can be the thing that enables them to pursue their dream or stops them from dreaming. We want to help ease the financial burden for students to help them reach their full potential as well as allow them to focus on their studies. We want to provide support in the beginning for artist development, as well as college assistance. In addition, we plan to sponsor events to showcase the talents of young artists.

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